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Banasura Hills, Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad.
Banasura hills in Wayanad are contiguous with the Kakkayam and Kuttiyadi hills in Kozhikode district. This hill range is the last western highland post of the great Deccan Plateau of South India. It offers one of the best adventure trekking opportunities in Wayanad. Banasura-Kakkayam trek is very difficult and adventurous because the trek route is a dense forest with abundance of wild animals, and it is rarely undertaken. The trek can take you to the peak of Banasura in Wayanad and the Kakkayam dam (Kuttiyadi Hydro Electric Project), its reservoir, the ill-famous Urakuzhi waterfall (associated with police brutality/concentration camp during the dark days of Indian democracy-the Emergency Period of 1975-77), Villanpara and many breathtaking views in Kozhikode district, at an altitude of 1000-1500 M above MSL. You can see an amazing sun set in the Arabian Sea, more than 50 KM away, and a breathtaking sun rise, from top of Banasura hills in Wayanad’s North East boundary with Kozhikode district. Banasura and Kakkayam hill ranges also offers excellent opportunities for rock climbing.

Banasura Hills-Kakkayam-Kuttiyadi Hills Trekking:
This trek can be a great adventure if you have the time and patience. You can start in the Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad with fishing, water sports etc, then go up the mountain, and land in the Kakkayam dam and reservoir in Kozhikode district and continue fishing, water sports etc, then go down to the steep Kakkayam valley and land again in another reservoir, the Peruvannamuzhi reservoir (Thonikkadavu) and reach Peruvannamuzhi Dam (Kuttiyadi Irrigation Project) by country boat / trekking and then trek back through another route via Poozhithod or Pakranthalam and reach the Northern fringe of Banasura hills in Wayanad, or travel to Arabian coast and visit the place of beginning of colonialism in Asia, the Kappad Beach, where Vasco da Gama landed, which is around 50 Km from Peruvannamuzhi Dam.

Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad: the largest earth dam in India and second largest in Asia.
This is a one KM long dam mainly built by soil, mounted like a natural slope to impound the river instead of using huge concrete structures. Banasura Sagar Dam (called the Kuttiyadi Augmentation Project) impounds the Karamana Thodu (Thodu: stream), a main tributary of Kabini River (main tributary of Kaveri River), to divert its water to the Kakkayam Dam of Kuttiyadi Hydro Electric and Irrigation Project. The Banasura project has the curious history of beginning in 1979 with a budget of less than Rs. 10 crore and not completed even after 30 years and spending more than Rs. 100 crore. 

Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre in Wayanad.
Hydel Tourism is a novel and pioneering venture of the Power Department, Government of Kerala and Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), offering tourists a new experience of knowing about hydro electric power generation. KHTC launched its first project at Banasura Sagar Reservoir in Wayanad. Boating (Speed & Pedal), Kids Land, Coffee shop are the facilities offered by KHTC at Banasura Sagar in Wayanad.

The Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad spread over 1600 hectares offers dream views. More than 40 islands formed in the reservoir, due to part submergence of small hills around, are excellent for night camping, biodiversity education programmes and picnic in Wayanad. The islands with Banasura hills, blanketed by green meadows, verdant forests and plantations, in the background provide a spectacular view.

Major Attractions Around:
Excellent Adventurous Treks, Boating, Water Sports, Fishing, Picnic camps, Spectacular views of green meadows and plantations.

Avoid plastics. Don’t throw waste around the reservoir and hills.

Location & Distances:
2 KM from Padinjarathara
18 KM North West from Kalpetta.
43 KM West from Sulthan Bathery
18 KM South West from Mananthavady

Best Season to Visit & Best Time to visit:
November-April. Best Period: December-March

Tourist Facility:
Boating: 9 am-5 pm
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Contacts & More Information:
Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre
Mob: 9961091770 /  9447300406 / 9947873202
9961549211 / 04936 273 507

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