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Wayanad is a paradise land for every tourist. Heritage, cultural, spiritual, natural, Wildlife, Leisure or Outdoor, you can enjoy the kind of tourism you want. It offers much for you, whatever you taste may be. The Home stays in Wayanad offer tasty food and a blissful ambience during your Wayanad Holiday.

The unspoilt natural beauty lures you to this heavenly place. It is a place that charms you in many ways. There are heritage sites like Thirunelli Temple, a place where you can perform death, after-life and soul-cleansing rituals. Get the raw experience of wildlife by embarking on an adventurous journey through the dense forests. Home stays in Wayanad arranges trips to explore Wayanad as much as you want. There are customized packages that are most suitable for you.

Natural wonders await you everywhere in Wayanad. Be it mountains, hills, valleys, Waterfalls there is nature appears before you in her most beautiful form. Wayanad has the most ideal climate for growing coffee, tea and spices like ginger, pepper, cardamom etc. The life of the tribals is also worth exploring. Home stays in Wayanad offers a homely ambience when you are far from your home. A Pleasant stay and wonderful moments is what Wayanad is waiting to offer you.

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Why Kanadikas must visit Wayanad? How Wayanad related to Karnataka?
Lots of questions? If you visit once in Wayanad you will get answer of this, The main tourist destination eddkkal cave is one of the best example.. there is one sign which Swastika mark written in old Kandana language. This is the best example centuries back itself Kanadikka influence in Wayanad regions.

According to the ancient history of Wayanad Jains are the first group who migrated to Wayanad. The Kannada speaking people in Wayanad are known as Jains, they belong to the Digambara sect and they are called Gowadas. Around the medieval period Saiva religion became a strong hold in Karnataka and the frequent attacks from Salva religion to Jain lead to the migration of Jains to Kerala and especially to Wayanad.

When you reach Sulthan bathery Town there you can see old jain temple, earlier it known as Kidangad Basti and older name of Bathery is Hennaredu Bedhi (twelve streets). Another main town in Wayanad Manthavadi old name is Hosengadi ( Ondayangadi,Mananthavady).

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