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Wayanad, the land of innumerable wonders, offers you much as a tourist destination. Discover the splendor of Wayanad in various forms-cultural, architectural, historical, spiritual, natural etc. Enjoy the tourism of your choice be it outdoor, wildlife, heritage or leisure. Wayanad Resorts provide luxurious stay during your holiday in Wayanad.

We offer you various tour packages to choose from. Explore the length and breadth of Wayanad with the help of our professional guides. Wayanad Resorts offers you a chance to get a feel of the village life of Wayanad. If you wish, you can do various activities like tapping rubber, planting paddy and participate in village life apart from mere observing.

Heritage sites of Wayanad include Pazhassi Raja Memorial and Museum commemorating Pazhassi Raja, the great Warrior King of North Malabar who fought against Tipu Sultan and the British using guerilla warfare method in the forests of Wayanad. Edakkal caves, which have pictorial inscriptions dating back to 8000 years before Christ, Paingaretti Agraharam, the 250-year old Korome Mosque which is built in the shape of a traditional Nair Tharavad with wooden roofs are sights that should not be missed. There are Spiritual, ethnic and natural spots awaiting the tourists. Stay at Wayanad Resorts and discover more yourself.
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