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Honeymoon In Wayanad
Honeymoon as the name suggests is a sweet and romantic period for any married couple. It is a time when two people get to know and get close to each other. It is special for every husband and wife. Honeymoon in Wayanad offers a lot for you. Wayanad gives a perfect setting for honeymoon with its bewitching natural beauty and pure greenery. The musical waterfalls, misty hills and the pleasant climate brighten up your special moments.

What makes your honeymoon special here is the pristine beauty of nature you find all around. The natural cool climate is a welcome change from the air conditioners of the city. Standing near the Meenmutty Falls or Soochippara Falls refreshes you more than your Jacuzzi back home. Enjoy the spectacular Meenmutty Falls, the largest waterfall in Wayanad falling down in three stages. There are a lot of other attractions to be explored.

If you are planning your honeymoon in Wayanad, Tea Route Holiday Homes is your perfect choice to stay. Enjoy good food and accommodation at affordable rates. There are various honeymoon tour packages available. Make your honeymoon in Wayanad an unforgettable experience.
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