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Tea Route
Homestay Wayanad for bike trippers.

Great Bike Ride Tour in Wayanad
Cycling tour of Wayanad plantations

A Road Trip: Bengaluru To Wayanad By Bike
How should I plan a bike trip from Mysore to Wayanad ?
Many bike riders thinking where will stay when they go for a bike trip in Wayanad and which is the perfect route to stay while the passing through Wayanad, We suggest Tearoute homestay offer the best assistance to all Bike riders.

  Our specialties.1)

  We close to Meppadi Tea estates, Chembra peak and Off-road destination like 900 County.

  2) Our homestay situated in Ooty - Calicut Main road, so who coming from Bangalore or Coming from Calicut and passing to Ooty, Tea route homestay is the most accessible homestay in Wayanad.

  3) We have a safe Bike and Cycle parking.4) Mechanic and Service stations nearby our Homestay.

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