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900 county Wayanad

900 County Wayanad locally called 'Thollayiram Kandi'. 
If you wish to go for Hiking, 900 County (Thollayiram )  is the perfect place in Wayanad.900 County situated in the slope of the Chembra peak and covered with dense forest.

How to reach Thollayiram Kandi:-  On the way to Soochipara Waterfalls and road starts from Meppadi Town.
Walk on Jungle stream and speak withbirds and bees, Thollayiram County gives another experience for a traveler. 
While going to 900 Kandi you will feel real experiences of Off-Road and Hilltop View.

The Major attractions of the 900 counties is Jungle walk and Swiming on the Jungle stream. Exiting view from the hilltop.

While going to 900 County Wayanad you can see the Landslide location of Puthumala (Wayanad, Kerala)

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